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I am a physicist and a self-taught C++ programmer with more than ten years of experience in developing real-time interactive applications.



• Real-time Interactive Applications

Multi-Threading Architecture

• Performance Profiling and Optimization

• Computer graphics

• Parallel Algorithms Design

• Applied Mathematics and Physics

• Multi-body and soft body dynamics

• C++ Object Oriented Programming: OpenGL, STL, Boost, Qt, CUDA.


Favorite Libraries:

  • Clang: Open Source C/C++ compiler providing classes to analyze and manipulate the AST (abstract synthax tree).
  • Unreal Engine: The Game Engine finally open source.
  • Bullet and ODE: Open source Physics Engine with optimized collision detection and rigid body dynamics.
  • OGRE open source rendering engine.
  • Cocos2d-x: cross platform 2d game engine.
  • Intel Tbb: very useful to write multi-CPU(s) software.
  • Boost: some of my favorites templates and classes are now included in the C++11.
  • Qt: I use it mainly for  cross-platform GUI.
  • CUDA: platform for GPGPU computation.


Favorite Tools:

  • Visual Studio
  • Xcode
  • CMake
  • Intel VTune Amplifier




spadoni.federico [at]